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My Story

Farm to Table Vodka

Corazon and Key Organic Vodka, hand made in small batches, is a true Farm to Table spirit made from organic corn planted and harvested on the family farm. 

The process starts with planting the best organic corn seed in the spring.  Throughout the growing season, each row is rototilled and the weeds are pulled by hand.  In the Fall, the organic corn is harvested and slowly distilled. 

The final result is a smooth tasting vodka that is unlike any other.

Corazón and Key along with Treboles and Key are limited edition artisan Vodkas that are made in the truest form in the Field-to-Table market. I plant, grow, harvest and distill organic potatoes and corn on the family farm. There is no other distiller in the world that is a Certified Organic Planter and Certified Organic Handler in both potato and corn. Both Certifications require strict compliance and inspections. I start with certified Organic potato and corn seed. Through the growing process, I rototill each row, remove all the weeds around every plant and inspect/remove pests by hand. Every corn stalk and potato plant passes through my hands many times during the growing season. More importantly, no pesticides or herbicides are ever used on my fields. The final result of this hard work and attention to detail is a taste and smoothness unlike any vodka on the market today.

Both Corazón and Key along with Treboles and Key each have a unique flavor that will come out as this is a true sipping vodka. Enjoy either vodka over ice or as part of a cocktail. I know all the attention and hard work will come out no matter how you enjoy.

David Lee Meisenburg

Master Distiller, Certified Organic Planter and Handler



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